BC All-Time Roster For NCAA Football 11

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I had a bit too much free time on my hands this weekend and decided to play around with the NCAA Football 11 Online Team Builder.  I decided to create a BC All-Time squad.  I have a list below, but to see ratings you need to go to the site yourself.  Anyone with an XBox 360 should be able to download the team into their game.

To look at the players and ratings:

  • Go to the team builder website: 
  • Login.  You can login with your XBox 360 or Playstation account.  If you do not have an XBox or Playstation online account, you can simply create an EA account. It takes about 2 minutes. Note: As far as I know, you must have an xbox live account to actually play with the team in NCAA 11.
  • After logging in, click on "Browse all schools"
  • Under search options, type in "BC All-Time." Note that under school name, you MUST type BC in caps, and have a hyphen between "All" and "Time" or it will not find it. Check "XBox 360" and under year choose "NCAA 11" Type in "Txeagle34" for author.

For the most part, the heights and weights of the players should be accurate.  Numbers are accurate as well for some players, but if more than one player had a number I changed it.  The engine requires you to pick what year they are as well so I put anyone from the last ten years as a "freshman," anyone from the 90s as a "sophomore," anyone from the 70s/80s as a "junior," and anyone pre 70s as a "senior."  Faces are not remotely close. The team builder engine has pre-rendered faces to pick from and for the most part I didn't put too much effort into it. They'll have a helmet on anyway, right? 

As far as ratings go, for anyone that wasn't a relatively recent player, they are somewhat arbitrary.  I'd appreciate input here!  Also, let me know if you feel someone on here is less deserving than someone else who I didn't put on.  I realize that as a Class of 2009 grad, I may have missed some of the older players.  It's a work in progress that I will continue to play around with.

I've seen several other "all-time" teams available for download as well as other all-time teams like Clemson, Florida State and Notre Dame, so there are some fun teams to play against! 

Here's what I have so far (In no particular order):


QB:  Doug Flutie, Matt Ryan, Glen Foley, Charlie O'Rourke
HB:  William Green, Mike Cloud, Derrick Knight, Troy Stradford, Montel Harris
FB:  Keith Barnette, Steve Strachan
WR:  Rich Gunnell, Tom Waddle, Mel Briggs, Kelvin Martin, Brian Brennan, Art Graham, Gerard Phelan
TE:  Jim Whalen, Tim Sherwin, Pete Mitchell
OT:  Joe Wolf, Pete Kendall, Ron Stone, Paul Zukauskas, Jeremy Trueblood
OG:  Bob Hyland, Doug Brzezinski, Chris Snee, Josh Beekman
C:  Damien Woody, Tom Nalen, Dan Koppen
K:  Fred Steinfort


DE:  Larry Eisenhauer, Joe Nash, Mathias Kiwanuka, Byron Hemingway, Mike Mucci, John Bosa
DT:  Mike Ruth, Fred Smerlas, Chris Hovan, B.J. Raji
OLB:  Mike Mamula, Ivan Caesar, Vinny Ciurciu, Mark Herzlich, John Galvin, Tom McManus
ILB:  Bill Romanowski, Steve DeOssie, Peter Cronan, Stephen Boyd, Jo-Lonn Dunbar
FS:  Tony Thurman, Daryl Porter, Jamie Silva
SS:  Mike Mayock, Ricco Labbe, Charlie Brennan
CB:  Ross O'Hanley, George Radachowsky, Mike Reed, Lenny Walls, Will Blackmon, DeJuan Tribble 
P:  Jim Walton

Have fun!

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