Bowl-Bound Boston College Racks Up The Frequent Flier Miles

ACC Bowl Games

Boston College will be headed west for their bowl game for the third time in the last eight seasons. And for the third time since joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Eagles will travel the furthest distance of any bowl-bowl ACC team.

The Eagles sure are racking up the frequent flier miles when the calendar turns to December. Over the last six seasons, BC will have traveled over 24,000 miles round trip to get to their bowl destination. To put that figure in perspective, that's nearly the amount of elite qualifying miles one needs in a calendar year to get preferred status on US Airways.

Of course, BC's location in New England doesn't lend itself well to short trips to bowl games, with the closest ACC bowl some 440 miles from Chestnut Hill. Still, the number of miles traveled for BC relative to other ACC programs is pretty staggering. BC's shortest bowl trip occurred in 2006, when the Eagles traveled 861 miles to attend the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte. BC's shortest trip is still further than the longest bowl trips for Wake Forest (810 miles), Virginia Tech (790), Virginia (634), Clemson (526), N.C. State (597) or North Carolina (514) over the last six seasons.

During that same timespan, BC has averaged 2,020 miles to get to their bowl destination. In contrast, North Carolina has only had to travel, on average, 265 miles (3 bowls) while Clemson has only had to travel 297 miles on average (6 bowls).

Combine long bowl travel distances with the conference's third smallest undergraduate enrollment, and is it any wonder that the perception that BC doesn't travel well persists year after year? 


ACC's One-Way Bowl Travel Distances 2005-2010 (approximate)

2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 Total Average
Boston College 3,100 3,100 1,102 1,295 861 2,660 12,118 2,020
Miami 1,936 240 3,117 --  2,839 668 8,800 1,760
Maryland 10 --  2,374 2,814 860 --  6,058 1,515
Georgia Tech 596 663 2 2,171 317 2,473 6,222 1,037
Florida State 269 164 257 490 2,633 480 4,293 716
Virginia Tech 790 416 790 790 416 555 3,757 626
Virginia  --  --  -- 634 --  542 1,176 588
N.C. State 597 --  549 --  --  162 1,308 436
Wake Forest  --  -- 344 83 810 --  1,237 412
Clemson 135 317 360 124 317 526 1,779 297
North Carolina 514 140 140 --  --  --  794 265
Duke  --  --  --  --  --  --  0 0
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