Five Good Minutes: Florida State Preview With Tomahawk Nation

It's Florida State week! To preview this weekend's home tilt between the Eagles and Seminoles, we welcome back the Florida State SBNation blog Tomahawk Nation and its lead editor FSUncensored for five good minutes.

Tomahawk Nation is your one-stop shop for no-holds-barred analysis on Florida State sports.


BC Interruption: In last week’s loss to South Florida, Florida State’s offensive line couldn’t pass block. They couldn’t run block. The line got thoroughly dominated throughout the game. Despite returning every starter from last year’s offensive line, the Noles OLine has been wildly inconsistent this season. What is the cause of this inconsistency, and do you expect the team and the coaching staff to make the necessary corrections so that this doesn’t happen two weeks in a row?

Tomahawk Nation: It was really disappointing. Though I think the line played well against Miami and BYU. USF has one of the best defensive lines I have seen in some time. Remember the name Jason Pierre-Paul. He's Mario Williams, and USF got a great one in that JUCO. I think the line will play much better this weekend, partially because BC's Dline is nowhere near as good as USF's (I can't believe I am saying that- they were very very good), and because they should have a bit more rhythm. Also, the redshirt frosh tackle FSU started last week won't be starting this week.

BCI: It seems that as QB Christian Ponder goes, so go the Seminoles. Last season in FSU’s four losses, Ponder threw just one touchdown to 9 interceptions (compared to a 13:4 TD:INT ratio in 9 FSU wins). Even though FSU sits at 2-2, Ponder seems to have been able to better limit his mistakes in two Seminole losses. Is this truly the case? Have you liked what you’ve seen out of Ponder 1/3 of the way through this young season?

TN: Ponder is FSU's best QB since Chris Weinke. He's the best QB in the ACC in my opinion. The guy has been phenomenal in 3 games against ranked opponents/ likely bowl teams (USF is unranked as of now). His arm strength has improved a ton to where he's been mentioned on NFL scout boards, and the checks that he makes at the line are almost robotic in their consistency and correctness.


BCI: Two streaks to discuss. Since BC joined the ACC, the away team has won every game in the BC-Florida State series. Coincidence? Or is there really some sort of psychological edge in playing on the road when the Eagles and Seminoles get together?

TN: I thought about this one and I just don't think there is an explanation for having a road advantage. I think in 2008 and 2005, the better team won. And in 2007 and 2006, there was a combination of motivation and matchup. For instance, in 2007, Boston College fell in love with the pass, which played right into FSU's hands because the Noles didn't want to play the run much.


BCI: Second streak: Florida State is 5-5 in their last 10 games against I-A teams, alternating wins and losses against I-A teams going back to last year’s 30-20 victory over Virginia Tech. What’s up with the inconsistency? How come the Seminoles haven’t been able to string together two consecutive wins against the ranks of the FBS?

TN: I actually addressed this very question today. The Noles have played 12 bowl teams in their last 13 games, and are 7-5 in those games. Florida State's schedule is simply stupid. I looked up Boston College. In the Eagle's last 12 games against bowl teams (counting Wake and Clemson as likely bowl teams), they are 7-5, which happened over 14 games. Kudos to BC for playing Notre Dame.


BCI: If Florida State loses this weekend in Chestnut Hill, is the season over? Could anything redeem the season if FSU starts 2-3 (0-2 ACC)?

TN: It is and it isn't. For the good of the program, some in the "Jimbo 2010" movement would contend that it would be a good thing. I won't actively root against my team when I am already fairly convinced changes will come at the end of the season, regardless of result. I will say, however, that if FSU loses a conference game before they play the road test at North Carolina, their shot at the division is done.


BCI: Will Bobby Bowden survive for another season? Is this truly the end of the Bowden era, dadgummit?

TN: I believe it will be the end, mercifully. I lean to the theory that at the end of the season when legendary defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews finally steps down, and Fisher and not Bobby makes the call on the defensive staff, it will be enough for Bowden to step down. It will have been 7 years overdue.


BCI: Last one, last season you predicted a 27-14 Seminoles victory over the Eagles. We’re goading you here to go with an even larger margin of victory this year. What’s it going to be? Who wins this one and what’s the final score?

TN: I'll have to hold off until Friday, and then we'll know the injury situation a bit more. BC is a tough team to read, but I am sure you think FSU is as well.

BCI: Thanks for joining us!


For more information on the Florida State Seminoles, be sure to check out Tomahawk Nation.

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