Eagles Hold off Wake to win in OT!

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Today, the Eagles were played the Demon Deacons in one of the key ACC games for BC. It was one of the best days of the fall thus far, in front of a packed house. Yes, I said it a packed house at Alumni stadium. You don't usually hear that about Alumni, but today was different. It was parents' weekend and all the parents are in town to visit there kids and most of the decided to head on over to the game. Boy was it awesome to see, they showed up, filled the stadium and most importantly they were loud and actually made a lot of noise. Once of the best crowds at BC in a long time!

However, the crowd wasn't the only great part about the day, the game on the field was also great one. There were long rushes, great passes, big hits, interceptions and an exciting overtime. The rules for a college overtime make just about any game that goes into OT a classic. This one was no different, the Eagles lost the toss and got the ball first. They tried to run the ball the first two downs, but got stuffed by the Deacons. Then Shinskie made a nice pass to Gunnell on third down to get a much needed first down. The Eagles then tried to run once and got stuffed once again, so they decided to pass on the next two downs and couldn't get the touchdown. So kicker Steve Aponavicius was as clutch as ever and hit a short field goal to put the Eagles up 27-24.

After the Eagles kicked the field goal, it was Wake Forest's turn to get the ball and they could have won the game with a TD. Wake started their drive with a short run, then followed it up with two long runs in a row of about 10 and 9 yards. On 2nd and 1, Wake punched the ball up the middle down to the 3 yardline for a 1st and goal. Things were looking bleak for the Eagles. They couldn't stop the run and Wake had 3 downs to punch it in right down their throats. But Wake did something crazy, they lined up in the shotgun and tried to run a counter that was a broken play from the start and BC's Issac Johnson surprised Wake's QB Riley Skinner, and forced a fumble that was recovered by Wes Davis to seal the 27-24 OT win.

Player of the Game: David Shinskie

Shinskie was great for the Eagles today, becoming the 1st Eagle to throw for 3 touchdowns since Matt Ryan did it in the Champs Sports Bowl in 2007. He went 18/29, while throwing for 228 yards along with his 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. He seemed to have Coach Spaz's approval and I tend to think he is the better of the two QBs. Well see what happens as we go forward.

Play of the Game: Issac Johnson's forced fumble and Wes Davis' fumble recovery.

Wes Davis is getting most of the noterity from the media for being the one who recovered the fumble, but Issac Johnson was the one to force the ball from Skinner's hand and that was huge. BC was looking all but beat at the time and oh how things change so quickly.

Quote of the Day: "We were on the ropes. It was first and goal on the four. We were just trying to make a play. It looked like they had a little confusion. We were aggressive. Something good happened for us." -Coach Spaz

The end of that quote is key, "Something good happened for us." There hasn't been a lot of that going on for the BC program in the last 6 months and finally something did. BC has been ridden with a coaching change, a wide range of injuries, being played by recruits, one of their best players being tradegicly diagnosed with cancer and one of the worst offensive perfomances of the year last weekend. But something good finally happened.

Next weekend the Eagles will play the Florida State Seminoles at Alumni Stadium and will hope to build off of their success this weekend. Go Eagles!

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